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Hepatitis B vaccine (recombinant, adsorbed) PreHevbri® is the first 3-antigen hepatitis B vaccine available in Great Britain (GB). Help protect your adult travellers, higher-risk professionals and individuals against hepatitis B.


Key facts

  • PreHevbri® is licensed for immunisation against all known subtypes of the Hepatitis B virus in adults (≥ 18 years)1
  • Up to 10% of adults don’t respond to yeast-derived single-antigen hepatitis B vaccines2,3
  • PreHevbri® is designed to improve immunogenicity and is the only 3-antigen vaccine for hepatitis B currently available in Great Britain3
  • It has demonstrated a seroprotection rate >90%4,5
    • PROTECT study (n = 1607) Seroprotection rate was 91.4% for PreHevbri® vs 76.5% with a single antigen vaccine, 4 weeks after the third vaccination (Day 196) in ≥18-year-old participants4
    • CONSTANT study (n = 2838) Seroprotection rate was 99.3% for PreHevbri® vs 94.8% for a single antigen vaccine, 4 weeks after the third vaccination (Day 196) in 18 – 45-year-old participants5
  • PreHevbri® shows favourable seroprotection rates regardless of age, BMI or diabetes4
  • It is administered as a three-dose schedule (1 mL each)1
    • First dose on day 0, second dose one month after the first dose, and third dose 6 months after the first dose
  • PreHevbri® is generally well-tolerated3
    • The most common adversere actions(≥1/10) include injection site pain and tenderness, fatigue, headache and myalgia1
  • PreHevbri® is contraindicated in individuals who have had an anaphylactic or other severe allergic reaction to any hepatitis B vaccine or have any hypersensitivity to the active substance or any excipients of PreHevbri®.1 Vaccination is only recommended during pregnancy if the benefits outweighs the possible risks for the foetus.1

How you should administer PreHevbri®

PreHevbri® is an injectable suspension, supplied in a single-dose vial. A series of three injections are given over six months. PreHevbri® should only be injected intramuscularly into the deltoid region.1


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